"The Afterparty Band is THE BEST entertainment out there! No one could stay off their feet during their performance, they're just too good and entertaining to sit still! Book them, you'll have the time of your life!"

-Joanna D. (Birthday Girl. 2022.)

  • How long does the band play for?

    Our quotes are for the band to play up to 4 hours of live music, with breaks. Sometimes we only end up playing for an hour or an hour ½, but the quote will be for up to 4, unless otherwise specified.

  • Can you play for more than 4 hours?

    Yes, but there will be additional fees to do so. Please inquire for more info.

  • What do you charge?

    This depends on the event… What band size would you like? Do you want additional live music for ceremonies or cocktail hours? How far away is the event (how much travel will be involved)? Are we providing sound? There’s no one answer for this, but we do offer packages ranging from $5,000-$11,000 so please contact us to discuss your options.

  • Do you need a stage (and what are your space and power requirements)?

    We do not require a stage, though one would enhance the performance. For spacing, we need at least the following: 6-piece band: 12’ deep X 16’ wide. 8-piece band: 16’ deep X 20’ wide. 10-piece band: 20’ deep X 24’ wide. For power, we need 2 – 20 amp dedicated circuits within a reasonable distance from our performance area. 

  • What kind of music do you play? Can I pick which songs you play for my event?

    Our repertoire is listed on our website in the “music” section. You can click on each genre of music and a list will pop down. Yes, we encourage you to give us an idea of what songs you’d really like to hear and what songs you’d really rather not hear. This will help us shape our set(s) for the night. Just keep in mind that it’s difficult to remove songs from our unique mashups and medleys. If you like one of the mashups they come as a packaged deal and they will blow your audience away! They won’t see it coming!

  • Can I pick the musicians?

    There are some bands out there that are more like agencies, consortiums, or franchises, where they have a large roster of musicians that they pick and choose from to fulfill a date. We consider ourselves more like a family. We have a well-rehearsed and polished show so we can’t just put together a random group of players to perform for the night. We have a core group of musicians. However, there are times where we will need to sub a player out (as that’s just life), and then we have very talented subs who know our material just as well and do a fantastic job. What we can guarantee is that you will get Jeff and Tristin. They are the ones communicating with you about your event from the very beginning and they will be there to make sure everything goes perfectly.

  • Can we see you live?

    Yes! If we have a performance that will be open to the public we’d love for you to come see us. Please contact us and ask if there are any of those. The majority of performances we do are private events though so we can’t invite interested clients to those. However, we also do a lot of fairs, festivals, and public concerts and those serve as great opportunities to come see us! We are also in the process of doing live showcases in our studio. We will update the website when those will begin.

  • Can you provide musicians for my ceremony and/or cocktail hour?

    Absolutely. We have offerings of soloists, duos, trios, or quartets for those more intimate and/or background music scenarios. Reach out and let us know what you’re interested in or ask for more on what we can offer you.

  • What do you do during your breaks?

    Unless you are also hiring a DJ for your event, typically, we DJ party music of all the songs we aren’t going to play live for the night. If you have a specific playlist you’d like us to use, we can play that, or if you have a specific theme for your party we can play music that fits that theme. For example, we played a 4th of July Americana playlist for a July 4th party, and we played a Roaring ’20’s playlist for a Great Gatsby-themed party. The possibilities are endless!

  • Will you learn new songs?

    Yes! We offer one complimentary song learn in our quotes, within reason. Songs in another language or done by a string quartet, for example, would be better DJ’d. Beyond that, we do offer additional songs in our packages, or we can do them for an additional fee (please inquire for more information).

  • I want to book you. What happens now?

    Please use our contact form or send us an email with all the information you can give us about your event. Once we’re all on the same page we’ll send you a contract and an invoice for paying a deposit. For weddings we also send our client questionnaire for all the important details we’ll need to know to make your day go perfectly!


If you like what you see and love what you hear contact us today. Email, call, or fill out our contact form to see if your date is still available.



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