"The Afterparty Band is THE BEST entertainment out there! No one could stay off their feet during their performance, they're just too good and entertaining to sit still! Book them, you'll have the time of your life!"

-Joanna D. (Birthday Girl)

  • How long does the band play for?

    Our quotes are for the band to play up to 3 hours of live dance music, with breaks. Sometimes we only end up playing for an hour or an hour ½, but the quote will be for up to 3, unless otherwise specified. We can also add on a 30-45 minute dinner music set, if the event calls for it as well.

  • Can you play for more than 3 hours?

    Yes, but there will be additional fees to do so. Please inquire for more info.

  • What do you charge?

    This depends on the event… What band size would you like? Do you want additional live music for ceremonies or cocktail hours? How far away is the event (how much travel will be involved)? Are we providing sound? There’s no one answer for this, but we do offer packages ranging from $5,000-$10,000, so please contact us to discuss your options. Everything is customizable as well, so it’s best to reach out and chat about options.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept checks, money orders, credit/debit cards, or direct deposits via payment apps (Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, etc.).

  • Do you need a stage (and what are your space and power requirements)?

    Yes, because if we don’t have one, we get complaints from the guests not being able to see us and our show. Therefore, we need the following stage sizes at minimum: 6-piece band: 12’ deep X 16’ wide. 8-piece band: 16’ deep X 20’ wide. 10-piece band: 16’ deep X 24’ wide. If we have our dancers we need at least 20′ deep. The height for the stage will depend on the venue and the guest count. For power, we need at least 2 – 20 amp dedicated circuits (meaning for the band only) within a reasonable distance from our performance area. 

  • What kind of music do you play? Can I pick which songs you play for my event?

    Our repertoire is listed on our website in the “music” section. You can click on each genre of music and a list will pop down. Yes, we encourage you to give us an idea of what songs you’d really like to hear and what songs you’d really rather not hear. This will help us shape our set(s) for the night. Just keep in mind that it’s difficult to remove songs from our unique mashups and medleys. If you like one of those they come as a packaged deal, and they will blow your guests away! They won’t see it coming!

  • What type of events do you do?

    The Afterparty Band specializes in weddings, corporate events, galas, auctions/fundraisers/charities, birthday/anniversary parties, fairs/festivals, country/golf club events, etc. Any event where high-quality live music and entertainment is needed, we are there!

  • Where is the band located?

    We are based out of Seattle, WA, but we can travel anywhere!

  • When do you arrive to set up?

    Our set-up crew and sound technicians like to arrive with the bulk of our equipment roughly 3-4 hours in advance of the band’s soundcheck time. This allows adequate time to set everything up, check for wireless frequencies, check that everything is working properly, balance the sound in the room, and troubleshoot any problems that could arise. Other members of the band will usually arrive between 1-2 hours before the soundcheck. If we can not be given access at least 4 hours before our soundcheck time, we need to charge for additional crew to expedite the process to fit the event’s timeline and logistics.

  • Why don't I see ``The Afterparty`` listed on my venue's preferred vendor list?

    We are listed as preferred vendors for many venues; however, we refuse to pay a venue in order to be included on their list, nor will we agree to pay a venue a commission in order to be included on their list. If you see us on a preferred vendor list, it’s because the venue honestly believes that we belong on their list, not because we have paid to be there. It is always possible that we have yet to play at a venue as well, so they may just not know about us yet!

    *Beware of any venue that limits your choice to a small handful of “preferred vendors.”  These are most likely cases where the venue is profiting from said vendor, and this is not legal (or ethical).*

  • Can I pick the musicians?

    Beware of “bands” or groups that offer themselves in many configurations, such as a 3 to 13-piece group, as these are most likely agencies that have a very large database of musicians that they piece together to suit any size desired for any event. These consortiums or franchises, where they randomly pick and choose musicians to fulfill a date, can oftentimes triple, quadruple, or even quintuple book themselves on any given night. That is spreading the leader(s) very thin, and is impossible to get everyone rehearsed, polished, and vetted. It is very unlikely that you would get to pick the musicians you want for your event with these kinds of agencies. We consider ourselves more like a family. We have a well-rehearsed and polished show, so we can’t just put together a random group of players to perform for the night. We have a core group of musicians who do most of our events, however, there are times when we will need to sub a player out (as that’s just life), and then we have very talented subs who know our material just as well and do a fantastic job. What we can guarantee is that you will get Jeff and/or Tristin. They are the ones communicating with you about your event from the very beginning, and they will be there to make sure everything goes perfectly.

  • How many musicians are in the band?

    We offer 6, 8, and 10-piece band sizes with our dancers as optional add-ons. With the 6-piece band, you get 2 female singer/dancers, 1 male singer/dancer, 1 male guitarist/singer, 1 bass player, 1 drummer, and our custom-made studio-quality tracks. The 8-piece adds on the trumpet and saxophone. The 10-piece adds on the keyboard and the trombone for the party of a lifetime! Dancers can be added on in groups of 2, 4, or 6. 

  • Can we see you live?

    Yes! If we have a performance that will be open to the public we’d love for you to come see us. Please contact us and ask if there are any of those. The majority of performances we do are private events though so we can’t invite interested clients to those. However, we also do a lot of fairs, festivals, and public concerts and those serve as great opportunities to come see us! We are also in the process of doing live showcases in our studio. We will update the website when those will begin.

  • Can you provide musicians for my ceremony and/or cocktail hour?

    Absolutely. We have offerings of soloists, duos, trios, or quartets for those more intimate and/or background music scenarios. Reach out and let us know what you’re interested in or ask for more on what we can offer you.

  • What do you do during your breaks?

    Unless you are also hiring (or adding on through us) a DJ for your event, typically, we play pre-recorded music of party songs we aren’t going to play live for the night. If you have a specific playlist you’d like us to use, we can play that, or if you have a specific theme for your party we can play music that fits that theme. For example, we played a 4th of July Americana playlist for a July 4th party, and we played a Roaring ’20’s playlist for a Great Gatsby-themed party. The possibilities are endless!

  • Will you learn new songs?

    Yes! We offer one complimentary song learn in our quotes, within reason. Songs in another language or done by a string quartet, for example, would be better DJ’d. Beyond that, we do offer additional songs in our packages, or we can do them for an additional fee (please inquire for more information).

  • I want to book you. What happens now?

    Please fill out our contact form to begin the process. Once we’re all on the same page, we’ll send you a contract and an invoice for paying a deposit. 40 days before the event, we also send our client questionnaire for all the important details we’ll need to know to make your event go perfectly!


If you like what you see and love what you hear contact us today. Please fill out our contact form to see if your date is still available.



Please note: If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please check your spam folder. We are diligent about communication but have found that sometimes our replies are going into people’s spam folders. You can also add book@afterpartyband.com to your approved contacts. Thank you.